What Makes The E30 BMW M3 So Damn Magical?

The BMW E30 M3 is spoken about in hushed (and not so hushed if you’re around Bill Caswell) tones throughout the automotive landscape. But why is it so revered? We decided to find out.


On this week’s episode of Neat Stuff In Cool Cars, we take Classic Car Club Manhattan’s tastefully modified E30 M3 up to Connecticut’s Lime Rock Park to shake it down and see if it deserves the reverence as the quintessential race car for the road or if the people speaking about it in glowing terms are just being hyperbolic.

Spoiler alert: It’s not hyperbole. See for yourself.

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Patrick George

Still one of the very best cars I’ve ever driven, real talk. I haven’t tried the Classic Car Club’s M3, but the stock version was spectacular.