What Long Lost Car Feature Do You Miss The Most?

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Some would say that you and I are living in a sort of golden age of automobiles. Right now, in 2012, cars are generally faster, safer, and more efficient than they have ever been before.

But as any technology advances, it loses something along the way, and not always in a good way. I believe - and I think you would agree - that many modern cars just don't have the same character that older ones did.

So here's our question this weekend: What long lost car feature do you miss the most?


As for me, there's a lot that I could list, but I especially miss pop-up headlights. Maybe it has something to do with growing up in the 80s and 90s, but I just think they're so damned cool, you know?

So many great cars used to have illuminators that rose from the hood on demand: the Porsche 928 and 944, the NSX (for the first few years, anyway), three generations of RX-7s, a whole plethora of Corvettes… the list goes on an on.


Yes, they're mechanically more complex than lights up front, and they have a tendency to break so that some cars drive around looking like they're winking at you, but I think hoods and front ends look better with the lamps hidden.

We just don't see those anymore, sadly. The C5 Corvette and the Lotus Esprit were probably the last holdouts. What are the chances they'll make a comeback? Slim to none, unfortunately.


So what is it for you? Lighter weight in general? Tail fins? Chrome hubcaps? A range of V8 engines for American family sedans? Non-electric steering? Hondas that didn't suck to drive?

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Photo credit Tom@HK