What It's Like To Get Hit By A Car (For A Cyclist)

Amazingly, the cyclist survived this head-on crash, giving us a perfect first-person view of getting hit by a car.

The Telegraph reported on this crash outside of London, noting that the 34-year-old cyclist made it out of the crash with minor injuries. It's amazing, given that you can see that the cyclist struck the car's windshield. The camera, attached to the bike's handlebars, also shows his limbs flailing as he's catapulted by the impact.

The driver of the VW Golf has not been identified.

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It's even more terrifying than the video lets on.

I got hit by a truck in a crosswalk — with no bike, I was just walking — and you honestly don't know if you're going to die until the truck actually hits you. You can try to dodge out of the way, and it may or may not work (I tried sprinting but the truck still got me). I rolled on the ground and thankfully I was just shaken up and bruised my hip. But that shit was scary as hell. I try not to think about it because I begin to wonder what would have happened if the truck had been going just a tad faster or if the driver didn't react in enough time and just ran me over after he hit me.

That was walking, but if you're in motion, like on a bicycle, I'd imagine it's a worse feeling.

Motorists are assholes. That's all there is to it. We shouldn't have cars.