What It's Like To Fly Across The Atlantic Three Feet From Kanye West

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Yes, that’s really Kanye West, as unofficially confirmed by eavesdropping on airline staff, sitting about three feet away from me as I flew to Milan to take part (as a guest of Jaguar) in the Mille Miglia. I have no idea what Mr.West is doing here, but if you’re curious, here’s what he’s like to travel next to. It’s as sublime as you’re guessing.

Kanye was attired sensibly and clandestinely in a dark pull-over hoodie and very very white sneakers. Even though he was sitting in the somewhat lesser business class and not real First Class, he was still given somewhat enhanced treatment by the staff, which mostly involved bring him his food a bit before everyone else.


Here’s some details about the Kanye West Airplane Experience:

• He’s a pretty quiet sleeper. Drool seemed minimal, as did sleep-sobbing.

• He has a surprisingly battered-looking, black-painted MacBook.

• I think he spent most of the flight watching the original Star Wars trilogy; I confirmed seeing Ewoks and Endor on the screen when I went to the bathroom. Yub nub, am I right?

• The man seems to enjoy his cheese. I did, too — they had some sort of blue cheese that was fantastic.

Here’s the entirety of the one direct exchange I had (and, likely ever will) with Kanye West:

(Kayne West, adjusting himself in his seat, knocks his laptop off the tray. It starts to plummet, which caught my eye, since he was right next to me. With impressive reflexes, he shoots out his foot, and gently catches the laptop in the angle formed by his shin and foot. Our dialog begins.)


ME: Woah. Nice catch.

KANYE: (Smiles and nods, pleased someone actually saw that sweet laptop-catch, I think)


... and SCENE.

So, there you go. I wasn’t even in Italy yet and already exciting — though, admittedly, not exactly automotive-related — goings-on are going on.

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I’m beat, but I think scrutineering starts pretty soon. I already saw this out my hotel window, so I’m thinking today’s going to be great.


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Andy Sheehan, StreetsideStig

I just saw this on Kanye’s blog:

My laptop trick really impressed Jason. I don’t think he even suspected that I knocked it off the tray table myself just to catch it with my foot in front of him. I’ve been practicing for months, and I lost track of how many laptops I’ve been through. This one was all beat up from practice, too.

I’ve always heard Jason was kindof a nerdy guy, so I brought along a movie called The Star Wars, which nerds are supposed to like. I think he noticed, and it was a pretty good movie, too. But I had to shut it off after Jason complemented my foot catch. I was just too nervous and pretended to be asleep the rest of the time.

Anyway, it was still a great experience. Paying that hacker to get into Jason’s email and find his seat number and actually sitting in business class: totally worth it. Here’s hoping I’ll run into him again!