What It Looks Like When An Out-Of-Control Semi Comes Flying Toward You

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Pouring rain followed immediately by freezing temperatures combined to produce extraordinarily dangerous conditions yesterday, killing three and injuring dozens. But it's one thing to read about something like that, and it's another to look through your rear window and see a skidding tractor-trailer crunch its way towards you.

And, weirdly enough for a video that was shot in New Jersey on I-95 and not Russia, no one in the car seems to have any reaction at all to what appears to be, for all intents and purposes, a coming specter of their inevitable mortal demise. The photographer, does, however, note in the video description that they called 911 immediately after they stopped filming:

I was blocked by two trucks on south bound I-95 at exit 9 in NJ (New Brunswick exit). I only wanted to take a picture while i was awaiting for them to clear up... And then I heard noise from behind...

I was barely missed.

Update: Once I turned off camera, I called in 911 and reported the accident. After that I came to the truck and the rest of the cars to verify they were alright. After arrival of NJ State Trooper and his dismissal confirming that he does not require my presence, I left the scene.


Here's hoping every involved made it out without serious injury.