What Is Your Ultimate Survival Vehicle?

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Thanks. All of your funny and sometimes touching stories of summer cars provided the respite we needed from the seasonal depression we're starting to feel. But it's still winter and, given some sort of Dr. Strangelove-esque nuclear war, we could end up with a permanent winter. That would be bad. That would mean no more baseball. As members of the Jalopnik brigade we're known for our ingenuity, wit and guile. We'd survive. But how would we get around?

Some of us are simple. Siler, I think, would probably tool around on a bike with a rifle and a can of olives — his girlishly long hair flapping in the radioactive wind. I'm not simple. I want everything with me. I want a gas stove, sixteen backups of everything, an 85-gallon water tank, 90 gallons of diesel and a European cassette-style toilet. For me, nothing says survival like the Earthroamer XV-LT. Based on the Ford F550 SuperDuty, this is the ultimate-yet-portable survival vehicle. It would be me, my woman and my cat driving through wasted cities and over fallout zombies. Not a bad life. What's your ultimate survival vehicle?

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Rob Emslie

No question about it. I'll be rocking the post apocalyptic world in my ARK II:


And when it's time to step out with a more intimate ride, the Brubaker Box, held in vitro will make the ladies swoon: