What Is Your Nemesis?

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Whether on the track or on the road, we all have a rival. What is your nemesis?

Other than Saab drivers, in general, our greatest nemesis was a beige 1986 Ford Thunderbird that haunted us throughout our youth. During the early days, when we could merely walk from school, the driver would taunt us from the seat of his ugly sled with its fading paint. He once threw a full Big Gulp out the window and hit us as we walked home. For the next couple of years we kept our eyes peeled and waited for the day we'd have a license and could stalk him. Turn the tables.

We got our license and, after months of waiting, the day came. By this point not many 86 T-Birds were on the road and, while most had fading paint, this one had a specific spot on the bumper. We followed the car for miles, riding the bumper and driving like a Saab owner. We pulled up next to the car ready to yell obscenities and remind the person they were now the prey. Then we realized it was an older woman. The jerk had sold his car!


Since then we can't look at a tenth generation T-Bird without disgust, which is a fairly normal reaction.

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