What Is Your Most Hated Car Design Element?

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All cars have to adhere to regulations and be structurally sound, safe and meet a whole host of other checklist items that I can’t even begin to imagine. Then car designers have to take all of those rules, apply them to a car and then also somehow figure out how to make the car pretty. It doesn’t sound easy.


That being said, there are plenty of car design elements today that just don’t do it for us. Jalopnik boss Patrick George once wrote about his hatred of tacky, center-mounted display screens in car interiors. I hate tiny windows.

Redditors hate this stupid trunk lid that collects water and dumps it all into the trunk when you open it. And an overwhelming number of you loathe the floating roof design that can be found on everything from Nissan Muranos to Aston Martin DB11s.

What about you? What’s an abhorrent aspect of car design for you?

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