What is your favorite production car engine?

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79 years ago this past week, Henry Ford unveiled the flathead V8 in a move that would change automotive history. The hype and legend of the 65 horsepower engine keeps the '32 Ford one of the most popular vintage hot rod platforms almost 8 decades later. Keeping in mind the fact a great engine can make an ordinary car a legend, this week's Question of the Weekend asks what is your favorite production car engine?


It's nearly impossible to love cars without loving what lurks underneath the hood (wherever that might be). This week we want to know what your absolute favorite production car engine ever made. It could be what is sitting under the hood of your daily driver or it could be under the hood under the unattainable car of your dreams. Fast, slow, big, small, domestic, foreign, as long as it left the factory underneath the hood of a street legal automobile it counts.

My favorite production car engine is the 392 Chrysler Hemi V8. The biggest of the early Hemis, the 392 was originally found underneath the hoods of Chryslers and Imperials in 1957 and 1958. The engine was far ahead of what any American Car company was producing at the time. 392 Hemis were powerful in stock form, but perhaps best known for their hot rod potential. When the time comes to repower my own 50s Mopar, I will be selling body parts to purchase a rebuildable 392 Hemi.

I told you about the big early Hemi of my dreams, so tell me, what is your favorite production car engine?



Honda's F20c, as found in the S2000. 240 horses on the dyno, 9000 RPM on the tach.

From Wikipedia:

"The F20C produces the highest specific power output for any naturally-aspirated 2.0L piston engine in a car priced under US$100,000, at 123.5 hp (92.1 kW) per liter, ahead of the SR16VE N1 found in the homologation version of JDM Nissan Pulsar producing 197 bhp (147 kW) for a specific power of 123.45 bhp (92.06 kW) per liter. The F20C held the record for producing the highest specific power output for any mass production naturally aspirated piston engine until Ferrari released the 458 Italia in 2010, which produces 124.5 HP/L."