What is your favorite Hot Wheels car?

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Eliot Handler, the creator of Hot Wheels, died at his home on Thursday at the age of 95. In honor of the man who created the first vehicle most young car lovers ever owned, we present a special QOTW. What is your favorite Hot Wheels car?


Although truly answering this question from childhood would require dusting off the massive collection of Hot Wheels I have sitting somewhere at my parents house, my choice is the last Hot Wheels car I purchased. It's a "Hot Wheels Garage" customized '57 Plymouth Fury.

Years of 57-59 Plymouth obsession has made an occasional walk through the automotive toy aisle in search of miniature Forwardlook vehicles a long term habit of mine. Although I'm rarely rewarded with anything, when I do come across one every once in a while the joy of finding one is surprisingly satisfying. I keep the most recent acquisitions sitting on my desk as an amusing way to remind myself of a time when buying every vehicle I wanted was a significantly more affordable proposition.

I've told you about my favorite custom '57 Plymouth Fury, so tell us what is your favorite Hot Wheels car?

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Klaus Schmoll

I am sorry but this may not be completely Hot Wheels related.

My favourite die cast model car was a Matchbox. It's the same company so I'll still post it.

I grew up in the former GDR or East Germany. It sucked so much that my family fled to western Germany before the wall came down. What was nice though, was the support we got from the part of our family that somehow got settled west of the wall before it went up. They sent packages with some extra stuff they didn't need anymore but was useful for us behind the iron curtain. These packages usually also included small items that were cheap on their side but impossible to get on ours. Peanuts, coffee, and for the kids.... a little matchbox car.

I built up a little collection over the years. Whenever one of these packages arrived it was like christmas, easter, and your birthday put together. And they were random, due to limited communication across the fence, we didn't know when one would arrive. So I cherished these little matchbox beauties and treated them like royalty. I still have all of them now, tucked away in my parent's cellar, all complete, nearly no scratches. A burgundy Jaguar XJ, a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow in blue, a white De Tomaso Panthera, the Rover SD1 police car finished in jam sandwich livery (the UK guys know what I'm talking about)...... I just fell in love with cars through these.

But, there was a forbidden fruit!

My uncle had also received the same treatment during his childhood. So he built up his own little collection over time in his youth. Mostly 60's and 70's cars, predominantly American. He was wise enough to even keep the original boxes.

Well, he loved them so much even when he was an adult, that he explicitly forbade me to play with them. (He is such a car nut, he owns a Vietnam era Ford Mutt Jeep, and that is just the peak of the iceberg) But hey, they were stored in his old room in my grandparents house. Didn't we all love our grandparents? They let us do stuff our parents wouldn't. Have cookies in bed after brushing your teeth? Why not. So they let me play with his secret stash of matchbox wonders from time to time, as long as I put them them away the way I found them and didn't leave any traces.

My favourite was the '65 Ford Mustang in white. It had a litlle knob on the side that even turned the front wheels. I was mesmerized. Drove it across the carpet, imagining some great winding road.

So, my all time favourite will be the '65 'stang!