Recently I was on the hunt for a nice 997 for a client I came across a listing for a reasonably priced Turbo cabriolet... only to see a sea of crimson. I’m sorry but red interiors just ruin it for me.

Photo: AutoTrader

Even if the entire car isn’t red and there are just too many red accents, I can’t stand it, like this 2013 Audi S4.


Perhaps red interior just doesn’t age well and it works better on something more recent. But I don’t even like it in the super swanky Lexus LC500 we had not long ago. Wonderful car, except for those seats.

Photo: Kristen Lee (Jalopnik)

Maybe I’m boring, but staring at all that red just gives me anxiety. Give me a nice tan or grey, or even better a cloth interior with a pattern on it.

There are often debates about the merits of various exterior colors, but an owner is likely to be looking at the inside of their car more than the outside. How many times have you thought you found the right car only to bail once you see the inside?


What ruins an interior for you? Something different like red or yellow, or do you despise black since it’s so common?

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