While it would seem more automotive knowledge would lead to better automotive decisions, from our own experience far too often the opposite is true. Misery loves company, so this weekend we want to know about the worst of your inevitable automotive blunders.

Whether you bought, sold, crashed, optioned, destroyed or did something that falls outside the previously mentioned options to, with or around a car or truck—we want to know about it. What is the worst automotive decision you've ever made?


This is certainly a topic I could dedicate pages and paragraphs to, but the decision that recently seems to be haunting me is the choice to sell the 1988 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS I spent my late teenage years driving. The reason this was a bad decision likely isn't the one you might expect—I wish I had kept it so I didn't develop an overwhelming urge to buy another one as I look down the stretch of my late twenties.

As I've mentioned before, it was a horrible rat of a high mileage abused car. Although I still have memories of the roadside strandings and once a month alternator replacements a seemingly inevitable nostalgia has slowly started to color the nightmarish experience that was owning the car with a rosy glow. I should have parked it somewhere and tried to drive it once a year to keep myself in touch with what a disaster it was.

Instead I sold my Monte Carlo for next to nothing after I was done thrashing it. I feel what this bad decision really did was set the stage for my real answer to this question several years from now—the inevitable decision to buy another one.

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