Today we celebrate American independence with grilled meats, explosions and booze. This holiday weekend is also a pretty good time to buy a car. You will find plenty of dealerships with inflatable Uncle Sams or bald eagles (please someone find me a picture of this) promising "explosive deals!"

Now there are some folks for reasons that can only be explained as "patriotic," that will only "buy American." Of course most of these people are not aware that the Camaro is made in Canada and the Accord is made in Ohio. With globalization it becomes harder and harder to determine what car really "belongs" to what country. So instead of looking at geography and production, what if we took a more abstract approach? Because the spirit of American independence is not really about where you are from, but rather how you think.

So what vehicle that is currently for sale really embodies that independent spirit? For me it would be the Tesla Model S. After all it is made here in the U.S. of A, but more importantly Tesla is mounting a rebellion against the tyranny of the dealership franchise system (o.k. tyranny is a little much, but you get the idea). And if you have a solar powered home that can charge your Model S, you can scoff at the invasion of higher summer gas prices.

And burnouts...glorious burnouts!

Say you are in the market for a vehicle that expresses your independence, what will you get?


(Photo Credit: Getty Images)