Hibernating cars and a general lack of automotive stimuli this time of year has us perusing craigslist and counting seconds until spring. Although it happens every year, recently we've started considering something automotive that would provide us with a little amusement in the depths of winter without costing enough to care about the inevitable damage year round use will cause. What is the most automotive amusement $1500 or less will buy you on craigslist?

In New England and other parts of the country where winter hits hard it has already been a long and cold one, likely devoid of fun with cars. With race tracks and parking lots covered in snow, roads covered in salt and the general experience of being outside varying degrees of unpleasant, it isn't surprising cars are often locked away until Spring. So what if you took some money and bought something you could get your automotive fix from year round. Cheap enough to abuse without remorse but functional enough to enjoy, this car or truck could be your ticket to avoid the automotive stir craziness that starts to set in this time of year. Even if you are intelligent enough to live somewhere where the weather doesn't stop you from enjoying cars year round, who doesn't like fun with cheap cars?

It is in this spirit we ask you this week, what is the most automotive amusement $1500 or less will buy you on craigslist? For our purposes we are looking for something that can be functional without a ton of work (in a weekend or two) and can be transported home without a cross country expedition. We want a car (or truck) that will provide us with some fun without breaking the bank or bringing a tear to the eye at the thought of winter (or not) use and abuse. Take a look through a few of the local craigslists (click here) and show us what you would pick for $1500 or less fun.

We came up with this:


That's right, our $1500 of automotive amusement comes in the form of a 1972 Oldsmobile Toronado. Featuring front wheel drive and a 455 V8, the chances of the gigantic Toronado actually moving in the snow are almost as good as the big V8's fuel economy is bad. According to the seller, $1200 will get me an Oldsmobile that requires only an exhaust to be driven. The $300 saved from our initial budget would likely get us most of the way towards a new exhaust. If only there were a picture to confirm all of these facts.

We showed you our thrifty front wheel drive Oldsmobile of choice so tell us, What is the most automotive amusement $1500 or less will buy you on Craigslist?
(Photo Credit:AldenJewell)