The third week in January means wealthy car collectors from around the world flock to Arizona for a week of car auctions, the most notable of which is Barrett-Jackson's massive 6 day auction in Scottsdale. Chances are if you're reading this the closest you are getting to the 1000+ car event is watching it on television (or on the free live-stream here) but that doesn't mean we can't drool over the amazing lineup of cars from the comfort of home.

Whether you look forward to Barrett-Jackson every year or detest the high dollar spectacle of the event it's impossible not to appreciate the lineup of amazing cars assembled in one place. That's what we're concerned with this weekend—say you made the trip to Scottsdale and had unlimited funds to bring home whichever vehicle your heart desired. What would it be? What is the coolest vehicle crossing the block at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale?


Overlooking the 3 1987 Buick GNXs, 2 Goggomobils, 1966 International Scout, custom 1954 Nash, and a gorgeous hot rod Porsche, I would have to pick the 1957 Desoto Adventurer Convertible scheduled to sell today as the coolest vehicle at Barrett-Jackson. Beyond it's beautiful design, the 345ci/345 horsepower Hemi V8, pushbutton automatic transmission and independent torsion bar front suspension give this ultra rare Desoto all of the Forwardlook appeal that I love. Although it's worth about 50 times more than either of them, I think the Desoto would look perfect sharing garage space with my Scout and significantly less rare '57 Plymouth.

What is the coolest vehicle crossing the auction block at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale?

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