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The cars we consider cool usually didn't leave the factory with two sets of doors. Today let's look at the cars that did but are still, at least to us, undeniably cool. What is the coolest four door car ever made?


While what exactly makes a car cool is hard to pin down, pointing out what most generally accepted "cool cars" have in common isn't. Beautiful lines, a big or at least powerful engine and classically timeless styling; these are among the common attributes that keep on appearing when considering a list of what most car lovers would define as cool cars. From a McLaren F1 to a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle LS6, these cars display many similar characteristics regardless of your particular brand of automotive lust. Included on this list is the fact that cool cars almost without exception have only two doors. Perhaps part of what makes these automotive dream machines cool is the clear indication they were built for performance and beauty, without concern for every day practicality.

Today's question of the day is concerned with the cars that were built with enough concern for practicality they were built with four doors. What about the cars that, despite being born with two doors too many, are still undeniably cool? Perhaps it is because the car matches or improves upon the performance of their two door counterpart, you consider it cool. Maybe even with an extra set of doors the designers got the lines just right. For whatever reason, what do you think is the coolest four door car ever made?


Weekend Jalopnik regulars have likely picked up on the fact the object of my automotive infatuation left the factory with two doors too many. While I would love to think my old Plymouth deserves the title, I would reluctantly have to say I believe the 1963 Cadillac is the coolest four door ever made. My brother has had a 1963 Cadillac Series 62 four door nearly as long as I've had my 57 Plymouth. Over the years I've watched my so called friends, girlfriends and casual observers walk past my old turquoise car to fawn over my younger sibling's low and black Cadillac. Maybe it's the color or Cadillac's timeless styling, but after years of watching people's reactions to his car, the only way I can explain the preference is to determine nothing else could be cooler.

You've heard about the old Cadillac I happen to believe by default to be the coolest vehicle to roll out of the factory with too many doors so tell me, what do you think is the coolest four door ever made?

(Photo Credit: Mike Boehmer)

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