What Is The Best Hot Rod German Wagon You Can Buy Today?

If you don't live in America, you are spoiled for choices when it comes to hot rod wagons. And two of the best are the Mercedes CLS63 AMG Shooting Brake and the Audi RS 6. But which is the one to have? Let's have Chris Harris find out.

On paper, these are two very similar cars. Similar power, similar cargo space, similar prices. But they look different, and the Mercedes is rear-wheel drive compared to the Audi's quattro system. The Audi is also heavier. So you'll be shocked by just how fast it really is.


In one of Harris' more practical tests, we get to see how they work on the road and in a straight line. And yes, there is some smoky drift action.

I just drove the RS 7 and I thought it was brilliant, so I totally understand Harris' opinions on the RS 6, since it is basically the same car. But I'm also a sucker for a good wagon, and both of these are just that.

Wagon fans, today is your day. Enjoy.

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