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Opening the doors on a forgotten barn or garage to reveal a dusty vehicle that needs little more than some elbow grease and a weekend spent in the garage to reverse the effects of sitting is the stuff of gearhead dreams. After reading about the trio of Italian barn finds this week, we started wondering what vehicle we dream of finding covered in dust more than any other. What is the barn find of your dreams?


The dream barn find that keeps me searching classifieds and listening intently to stories about old cars in garages is a 1957-1958 Plymouth Belvedere Convertible. Although I've actually uncovered a few forgotten 57 and 58 Plymouths they've always been of the rusty four door variety. My dream is that someday I will flip open the right garage door to uncover the mostly rust free Plymouth convertible I've always wanted. Until then I spend time following up every lead I can find on a "weird old Chrysler" in an old garage, usually with interesting but significantly less dream worthy results.


I told you about the old Plymouth convertible I'd love to discover, so tell us, what is the barn find of your dreams?

(Photo Credit: Rex Gray)

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