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What Is The $297.17 Ducati Screw?

Illustration for article titled What Is The $297.17 Ducati Screw?

Officially listed in Pro Italia's catalog as "Ducati OEM Special Screw," what on earth could make a screw so special that it'd cost $300? Just as importantly, why do you need eight of them?

Illustration for article titled What Is The $297.17 Ducati Screw?

Turns out the screw is needed to hold Ducati's race-spec engines together, specifically the 197 HP 989cc V4 of the Ducati Desmosedici RR MotoGP replica and the 1199cc v-twin of the $40,000 Ducati 1198 R.


The screw itself is made from heat-forged Japanese steel and bolts the connecting rods together and is a Ducati Corse item, which means it's a specially made factory hop up part.

Still thinking an Italian superbike might be an affordable entry into exotic motoring? [Pro Italia]

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What's so special about "Japanese steel"? I wonder if they know that most of the "Japanese steel" you can buy on the market is recycled "American steel"?

I dunno, growing up in NJ/PA areas you always heard about how American steel from Pennsylvania was considered some of the highest quality stuff out there. It was sought after the world over. Now all the old stuff is getting scrapped and recycled by Asian companies to make new stuff and they are not getting credited with the quality of the steel? Kinda seems wrong I guess.

And yeah, why isn't it titanium or something? A high strung engine need great strength but lightweight, steel isn't the first thing that comes to mind.