What Is The $297.17 Ducati Screw?

Officially listed in Pro Italia's catalog as "Ducati OEM Special Screw," what on earth could make a screw so special that it'd cost $300? Just as importantly, why do you need eight of them?


Turns out the screw is needed to hold Ducati's race-spec engines together, specifically the 197 HP 989cc V4 of the Ducati Desmosedici RR MotoGP replica and the 1199cc v-twin of the $40,000 Ducati 1198 R.

The screw itself is made from heat-forged Japanese steel and bolts the connecting rods together and is a Ducati Corse item, which means it's a specially made factory hop up part.

Still thinking an Italian superbike might be an affordable entry into exotic motoring? [Pro Italia]

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