What Is A Sports Car, Exactly?

Sports cars are a pretty simple classification, right? In today's world of grancoupes and front-drive fastbacks and 3,200+ lb Ferrari two-doors, things are getting a little complicated.

The car market is convoluted enough that Gmonster had to ask what exactly is a sports car anymore, sparked by seeing the simple glory of a sideways 350Z.


Can you clear up for me what a sports car is? Is my E92 335 a sports car? If yes, would a E90 328 qualify too? Where do we draw the line? Altima coupe vs 350z? Focus st vs Golf R?

It's a good question - what cars that seem like sports cars, really aren't? And what cars that may not appear at first to be sports cars, really are? What purebred sportscars are left in this world of do-everything vehicles?

Photo Credit: Michael Joseph

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