What Incredible Car Sounds Like Crap?

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Sound is hugely important for how you like a car. Even if there's massive performance on tap, if a car sounds like a vacuum cleaner, you just aren't going to fall in love with it.


Yesterday we saw how Brit Sniff Petrol addressed Red Bull's change to be an "Infinti" team, in his 2013 F1 season review.

The reigning champions have changed their name for 2013, adding the word ‘Infiniti’ to their official title to boost the presence of their key sponsor, the car company more commonly known as ‘shit Lexus’. The new RB9 racing car reflects this in two ways. Firstly, because it has a horribly over-ornate clock in the dashboard. And secondly, because you will never see more than two of them in your entire life.


There aren't many Infinitis in the UK, but here int he US we're lousy with them, leading to this comment by philaDLJ.

Heh, he's lucky, because I see two Infinitis per minute every day, as well as hear their silly, annoying exhaust warbling, which I liken to an old man gargling Scope.

So yeah, what other nice cars sound so much worse than they ought to?

Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove


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Im going to take it a step further from blackchair and nominate ALL subaru Flat 4 engines. So basically any WRX or STi that looks like this

Sounds like this

People like the "growl" I know I know...but we know what Jezza thinks of them and he's right.

turbo subaru owner.