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What If Your Spoiler Was Made From Bamboo?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Welcome to Must Read, where we single out the best stories from around the automotive universe and beyond. Today, we have reports from BBC, Speedhunters and Automobile.

Is bamboo the next carbon fibre?BBC

At least it would look a lot better than carbon fiber-look trim.

Real carbon fibre, mind, is still just as wondrous as it was in the last century, even if a bit more commonplace in road cars. But it's still very expensive to make in large pieces and quantities, it requires copious energy to manufacture, can be very brittle if made poorly, is not recyclable and can impose a detrimental impact of the environment when being produced. In other words, it is ripe for disruption. Technology stands still for no one. But could nature provide carbon fibre's replacement?


Playing A Joker: The Winning HandSpeedhunters

A Must See, because of these amazing liveries on E36s.

What you're looking at here is a Japanese body kit designed for an iconic German car, built up in England, fitted with Californian Rotiform wheels, then wrapped in legendary Art Car inspired liveries. Now consider this picture was taken by the side of lake in southern Austria and you start to understand how the car world is getting both smaller and larger at the same time, depending on your perspective.


Ezra Dyer: Free AdviceAutomobile

Right before all of this Automobile magazine terribleness today, I read this from contributor Ezra Dyer who's one of the many talented writers who have been published in that magazine. Dyer's ideas here are... ideas.

Hire a guy with a mullet. This guy will assist Honda's genius-level engineers in understanding the concerns of the common folk. Consider, for instance, the fact that the new Acura MDX has ten fewer horsepower than the old one. I asked a Honda person why they didn't just give the 2014 a few horsepower more than the previous model, and he said, "But this one's faster."

Photo: AP