What If Corvette Racing Ran A Le Mans Prototype?

Since Formula One has become a bit stale and stifled by regulations, the World Endurance Championship has emerged as a much more interesting “anything goes” sort of racing series. This leads to bonkers entries like the front-wheel drive Nissan GT-R LM Nismo prototype. But if Corvette Racing ran an LMP1 prototype, what would it look like?


According to 3D artist Oriol Folch, this. It’s something I could get behind.

Folch sent us the designs from his latest project, an imaginary Corvette LMP1 racer. While Corvette Racing already runs the exceptionally badass and Americatacular Corvette C7.R in the WEC’s grand tourer classes, they don’t have an insane prototype.

If they did, I’d hope it looks something like this. It’s definitely closer to what Nissan is doing than the Audi, Toyota or Porsche prototypes, but unlike Nissan’s effort, I highly doubt a Corvette would send power to the front wheels. That’s just sacrilegious.

What do you think? If you’re a fan, check out more over at Oriol’s DeviantArt page.


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