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Like many Jews, I spent most of my younger years as a “child.” And, as a Judaic child growing up in an overwhelmingly Christian area, I saw plenty of nativity scenes. Before I knew what they were, I thought they were some kind of playset for some media property I wasn’t familiar with. They still have a sort of toy-association to me, which is why I started wondering this: What Hot Wheels cars could be used to populate an all-car nativity scene?


Some of these seem like they should be easy. The baby Jesus figure seems like it should be, of course, something small and well-known, like an original Mini. For the three wise men, I’m thinking maybe we’d use three archetypal ‘professor’s” cars, like a Saab 900, Volvo 240, and a Subaru wagon, or something.

You see where I’m going. So let’s give this a try — I’ll give a list of the nativity scene characters (as best I can figure out), and you can decide which Hot Wheels car best fits the character. Here’s a good reference for all those Hot Wheels, and, of course, stick your picks in the comments so we can laugh and argue and mock and praise your choices.


Bonus points to anyone who actually puts one together with their own Hot Wheels and posts a picture!

Okay. Let’s give it a go. Here’s the list:

Baby Jesus:

Mary (mom):

Joseph (stepdad, I guess?):

Wise guy 1:

Wise guy 2:

Wise guy 3:






Caganer (that pooping kid):

Various Angels:

... and I may have forgotten some, so add as needed.

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