What Happens When You Stick A 14.2 Liter V8 Into A Pickup Truck

This is a Chevy pickup truck with a 14.2-liter V8 pulled from a Scania. What does it do? Burnouts.

Amazingly, this engine only produces 400 horsepower.

Torque, however, sits at a startling 1106 lb-ft (1,500 nm).

It certainly roasts the fatty truck tires well enough.


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Luc - The Acadian Oppo

I honestly don’t think they stuffed the motor in that pickup. I think they just dropped a Chevy Squarebody skin onto a scania chassis.

Notice how the truck is roughly 18” wider than a normal Chevy Squarebody. Also it looks like the truck has the massive Semi truck rear axle.