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What Happens When You Let A NASCAR Racer Use His Racecar On The Street

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Kyle Busch Says Tires In Rochester, NY

The most evocative car races in history were when racecars competed on public roads. Monaco. Le Mans. The Carrera Panamericana. Those all featured wimpy sports racers, though. What happens when you put a Nascar on public streets?

Well, reader Igor witnessed Kyle Busch in his TRD Camry in downtown Rochester, NY just this morning. So what did Igor see?


Burnouts. Thunderously loud burnouts.

Away from closed circuit ovals and road courses, a Nascar can absolutely slay its tires. The fuel-injected V8 is just brutal in such close quarters, too. Someone please give one of these things to the Formula D guys and see what they can do with it.


Video Credit: Igor