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Our resident racer Robb Holland keeps some pretty interesting company, so when he said he had video of a young woman hooning a Lamborghini we said "gimme gimme gimme."


Here's how Holland sets up the video for us:

Multiple choice quiz

The reason why you don't let this girl drive your Lamborghini

Is it:

A) She'll fry the clutch.

B) She'll crash it into the curb.

C) It will catch fire ... oh wait it's not a Ferrari

C) She'll drive it up a tree.

D) She'll drive it far better than you ever could and make you look like a no talent hack

Oh sorry did I forget to mention this "girl" is actually Sara T., a good friend of mine and also one of the top female stunt/precision drivers in the industry?

The hamster in the Kia Commercials? Yeah that's her.

The big stuffed toy monkey in those Sorrento ads? Yeah, that's her. She's also the stunt double for Grace Park on Hawaii 5-0. You get the picture.

Oh, but you say "I can do a flip turn just like that too. No prob."

So what you're telling me is that you've got the balls to do a flip turn in a brand new $250k, 60-hp supercar with the owner not only standing there but video taping the whole thing? Really?

But as it happens Sara doesn't need balls to pull that off. Turns out they just get in the way.

Well, she can borrow our's anytime. Our cars. I mean.

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