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It seems like just yesterday I was at Tower Records, flipping past a dozen Mini Truckin' magazines to get to the lone copy of EVO at the back of the shelf. Now, nothing. What happened to the Mini Truck scene?


The last mini truck I remember being in the car world was the great 1973 Datsun drift truck, bought for $500 in 2008 and finished just before Christmas 2009. It got some press back in 2010, but since then I haven't heard of any popular minitruck builds and I haven't seen a single bagged S-10 on the street.

What happened? Is it that I moved from rust-free California to the Northeast and left all of America's Nissan Hardbodies behind? Am I out of the loop? Did mini truck mods actually just fade away? Where are all the mini trucks?


Photo Credit: dave_7

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