What Great Britain Leaving The EU Could Mean For The Auto Industry

(Image: Ismaïl Taha/Flickr)
(Image: Ismaïl Taha/Flickr)

Great Britain became a part of the European Union in 1973. Despite almost leaving immediately, it’s been a member-country since. But today Brits are once again voting on whether or not to leave, and several automakers have made statements expressing their opinion on the political matter.

Update: Last night UK voters opted to exit the EU after all.

This infographic breaks down the official position of Jaguar, Ford, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Aston Martin and Vauxhall which all operate to some extent in the United Kingdom. For reference it also includes how many people in the UK are employed by each outfit as well as a slightly more zoomed-out look at the country’s industry in general.

(Infographic via Select Car Leasing)
(Infographic via Select Car Leasing)

Nissan has also reportedly taken legal action against the “Leave Campaign” for using their logo in pro-Brexit (British Exit) pamphlets which implied that the company would benefit from the country leaving the EU.

Toyota’s logo was also used, and that company wasn’t pleased either. The literature “mislead those reading into thinking that Toyota could endorse the Vote Leave campaign,” according to the BBC.

Seems like every automaker willing to make some kind of statement has expressed their hopes that the status quo will remain and Britain will continue to be a European Union member. Not that that should be much of a surprise; membership consolidates regulation, facilitates easy international trade and simplifies relocation of employees. British Prime Minister David Cameron has also expressed profound support of staying in the Union.


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Flavien Vidal

What is going with 2016? Between Trump and the Brexit, it really looks like it’s the year of terrible uneducated decisions/votes :)