What Driving Advice Will You Never Forget?

I am accepting entries from animated television shows as well.

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Have you ever received a bit of unforgettable driving advice? Today, I want to hear it.

This isn’t exactly advice I was given, per se, but I’m just going to come out and share. I will never, ever forget the Spongebob Squarepants episode where he’s taking his driving test with the help of Patrick. Patrick advises Spongebob to accelerate with nothing but his big toe — and that big toe comes ripping out of Spongebob’s shoe to gently press the throttle.

I have no idea why, but I see this scene in my mind just about every time I accelerate. If I’m pulling away from a stop sign, I’ll press with nothing but the big toe. I have to do this. Every single time. And, it sounds kind of silly, but it actually did help me. I grew up in a lead-footed family, so the reminder to take it easy is goofy, but it works.


I’m sure many of you other fine folks will have advice that is more serious or more helpful than something I gleaned from a children’s cartoon, and I would like to hear all about it. We could all use more driving advice in our lives, and I want to know about the stuff that’s been beneficial to you. The things you learned in driver’s ed. The things your mom or dad or grandparents taught you that you’ve taken to heart. The bad advice you heard from a friend that would only serve to get people in trouble. Let’s hear what you’ve got.