What drives you insane about your car?

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While you can get an idea of what you like and dislike about a car in a short test drive, you can't pick up on the minor characteristics that eventually turn into major annoyances until you've logged some serious time behind the wheel of a car. What drives you insane about your car?


Whether you drive the car of your dreams on a regular basis or something significantly less exciting, we are willing to bet regular use has likely revealed something about said vehicle that you aren't so fond of. It may be a minor design flaw or a major reason you are looking for another car, but we're guessing in the hours you've spent behind the wheel of your car you have managed to come up with something you would have done differently. This weekend we want to hear all about it.

No matter how big or how small, we want to hear what drives you insane about your car (no pun intended). Whatever it might be, you can tell us. Perhaps your car is grossly underpowered or could have used another gear. Maybe you just think your vehicle's cup holders were designed in an immensely stupid manner (I'm looking at you fellow 3rd generation 4runner owners). Big or small, if it annoys you, it counts.

Since I've already gotten in a complaint about the cup holders in my 4runner out of the way, I'm going to point to the dash mounted rearview mirror in my '57 Plymouth. Does it look cool? Yes. Was I in love with the retro quirkiness when I first got the car? Of course. Did it quickly prove itself to be a poorly thought out design choice that is incredibly useless on a regular basis? Absolutely. If you've ever wondered why rear view mirrors are mounted high and not low, I can assure you there is a seemingly endless list of good reasons, regularly demonstrated by my Exner era Plymouth.

Now that I've told you about the very minor but very annoying dash mounted rear view mirror on my old Mopar tell me what drives you insane about your car?



2007 murano. No aux audio input in a friggen 2007 model. And I don't want to get an aftermarket head unit because the stock one is nice, rear view camera, and useful stats, etc...

Which jerk at Nissan thought I would prefer a cassette player instead of an aux input in 2007?