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What Drifting Should Look Like

A closed mountain road, trees fluttering over the pavement, and a car screaming around each corner sideways.

This is Daigo Saito, the orange-haired pro, one of the best drifters in Japan or the world. This is his turbo straight six JZX100 Chaser.


Here’s how shooter Luke Huxham described the run.

Daigo came out to Gunsai touge course made famous in Hot Version for a couple runs during one my my HKS filming projects. Stuck a couple camera’s on his car and filmed him tearing up the skinny mountain course...No Daigo, NO PARTY!


Is it wonderful to see such a big four-door sedan sideways on such a tiny road? Yes.

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Two things

1) I’d love to know what the chase car is. It needs to be quick but quiet to not interfere with the mic’s on the drift car.

2) The thing that really stuck out to me was how smooth his inputs were. It seems like all the newer drifters have really frantic steering inputs where they’re throwing the steering wheel left to right, catching it spinning at random points. Kind of like people dialing rotary phones. He had very smooth and deliberate inputs.

Oh, and maybe a 3rd thing, can I get out of grey-probation yet?