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The other night, Subaru unveiled the first teaser images of the upcoming tuned variant of the BRZ sports coupe, but it isn't the STi we hoped. But what would you want in a full-bore BRZ STi?

I'll go first.

I want a turbo boxer four with about 300 horsepower. I want a little more tire. I want tasteful body mods to make it a little more aggressive. I still want it to be rear drive (duh).

I also want aggressive sports seats with alcantara insets. Maybe a slightly chunkier steering wheel too. And I want a standard manual gearbox with an optional dual clutch.


But most of all, it has to have gold wheels. Hell, the package could only be WR Blue Mica paint with gold wheels, and I'd be happy as a clam.

How about you? What makes your ideal BRZ STi?