What Do You Want To See From A Miami F1 Race?

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Photo: Michael Reaves (Getty)

It’s kinda-sorta-maybe officially happening: the Miami Formula One race could potentially be on the calendar as soon as 2021. There’s still a lot up in the air here—this race has been an on-again, off-again thing for years—and that means it’s time to tell us what you want.

And I’m talking about everything. This is your time to shine, race fans. There are so many places where F1 can do better, from the on-track action to the fan experience. I want to hear about all of it.


Right now, we don’t have much more than a basic potential track layout using the Miami Dolphins stadium, and even that is nothing but a very simple outline that is subject to change.

Since this is a sorta-street race, I’d personally love to see it become a more open atmosphere. I love going to F1 races, but the sheer exclusivity of some of the events is absurd. It’s like being transported into this mini-sphere of pinky-out rich people who definitely do not just order the cheapest wine on the menu because of the fact that it’s cheap.


There’s one thing I love about IndyCar street races, and it’s the fact that Fridays are often free to enter with the paddock available for everyone to peruse. Now, I don’t expect F1 to just let anyone go waltzing into the paddock, but it would be good to see the series encourage more people to actually develop an interest in racing. I’ll never, ever forget showing up to the IndyCar race at St. Pete and seeing two little girls losing their mind at the cars after dragging their babysitter inside on the free Friday.

And on a more personal note, I’m admittedly not a fan of the whole concert-at-the-track thing. I love hanging out at COTA and occasionally seeing some absurd artist post-track activity that I’d never see otherwise, but I also would much rather go home, change, and have some other neat F1 event to go to. Find the biggest bar in town and turn it into a meet-up spot, throw a big-ass race car themed carnival or something, take those weird F1 Festivals and actually host it on a race weekend.


But what do you guys want? How would you do the track layout? What kind of weekend events would you love to see F1 host? Ideal grandstand and GA layouts? Ticket deals with hotels and shit included? This is your time to shine.