What Do You Want To Know About The Nissan Titan Cummins Diesel?

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It’s finally time: Nissan will let us drive their all-new Cummins-diesel powered Titan pickup truck tomorrow. Get your questions in today so I know what to poke, prod and ask about for you!


I’ll tell you straight up; I really want this thing to kick ass.

Sure, I want to like everything I drive. But the Nissan brand is such an underdog in the truck space, the Titan was so “meh” for so long, and here they come swinging for the fences with a freaking Cummins diesel V8– there’s just no way not to get excited about that!

Three main things I want to look at closely;

  1. Power. Does it flow though your fingertips like Odin’s lighting, or squeak through too many catalytic converters like a little cat fart?
  2. Usability. Cummins engines are known as the most visceral of pickup-powering diesels. They have a signature clatter that people either love or hate, yet Nissan promises they’ve worked hard on managing Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH). What compromise did they land on?
  3. Interior. We’ve heard a lot about this new engine and how it’s created a “new segment” between half-ton and three-quarter ton trucks. But where does the truck land on comfort and convenience? Don’t give me that “truck guys don’t care.” They do, or they wouldn’t be plunking down $60,000 on a vehicle.

So send me some questions, thoughts, and any other shreds of brilliance I can pass off as my own as we tear the new Nissan Titan Cummins-diesel apart! Then come back to Truck Yeah! soon to see our first drive impressions.


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Margin Of Error

Is there any reason to buy this over a proper Ram Cummins Diesel ?