What Do You Want To Know About The Mercedes-AMG SL63?

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The Mercedes-AMG SL63 convertible is a good car. A very good car. That sounds a bit ridiculous as it costs an eye-watering $162,795, but a lot of cars that cost that much are actually bad. As in, not good. Before I write a full review, now’s your chance to pick my brain.

I’ve actually driven this thing around for about a week now, and mostly what I’ve learned is that I must quit blogging, my life is a waste, and would anyone like to start a hedge fund because I need to buy a brand new SL63 of the AMG variety right now.


Things I Like

  • It’s fast as hell. Fast enough to engender all sorts of terrible metaphors involving hammers. You know the type.
  • It makes a good noise.
  • Not only does the roof come down, but it also changes colors! The glass part, that is.

Things I Do Not Like As Much

  • The traction control is entirely too difficult to actually turn off.
  • The steering’s a bit numb.
  • Uhhh... the massaging seats could feel a bit more like an actual person? I guess? I dunno, I’m reaching here.

Rather than furiously typing away, trying to answer as many questions as possible as quickly as possible while my fingers fall off and my keyboard goes supernova, we’ll do this as a live video. Good thing I put my face on today.

We’re live now, so ask anything you want about it!

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