What Do You Want To Know About The 2020 Zero SR/S Electric Motorcycle?

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It’s the bike that goes nyooom. Zero’s SR/S is the company’s newest design, a fully faired upright sport bike that runs on electrons. This one is based on the same platform as last year’s SR/F naked bike, but the aerodynamic fairings allow it to achieve more range and more speed. With the optional “power tank” extra battery, it can achieve up to 200 miles of city range, and pushes out to a top speed of 124 miles per hour.


Zero launched its new SR/S in the spring of 2020, which meant it was basically dumped into a world where people had bigger things than motorcycles on its collective minds. Once California’s quarantine procedures finally ended, and Zero was allowed to go back to the business of building bikes, it was forced to evacuate its Scotts Valley, Cal. facilities for fear of the encroaching CZU Lightning Complex fires this summer. The SR/S was a bike the company was hoping would propel it to new heights as an electric motorcycle maker, but sales forecasts have been, well, readjusted.

The SR/S starts at a fairly reasonable for an electric bike $19,995. This one is fitted with the $2,895 power tank option which gives the bike an extra 3.6 kWh of battery capacity at the cost of the standard storage in the “tank” between your knees. It also came with a full suite of SHAD top box and hard side paniers, tank grips, a branded phone mount by Ram Mounts, and heated grips. It’s pretty tricked out with accessories, so figure another couple grand for those. Call it 25 grand, that’s still quite a bit of cheddar for a motorcycle.

Photo: Bradley Brownell

Having logged a couple hundred miles thus far, I have to say it’s a pretty compelling product. It’s comfortable and easy to use, in addition to being pretty freakin’ quick. I can run it down to zero percent battery life and charge it up in a single overnight on a standard 110v outlet. As commuter EVs go, you could do a lot worse than a Zero SR/S.


So, yeah, here’s your chance. What do you want to know about it?

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What’s the *real world* range, price, and time to fully charge from less than 20%? i.e. Can I take this thing out for a ride on a weekend, ride 100+ miles away, have lunch while it’s recharging, then ride home? [I’m thinking the answer to that is no.] Oh yah, and where/what kind of chargers will it accept?