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We already know Honda Civics tend to give you a lot of car for not very much money. The 2020 Honda Civic Hatchback (in the Sport Touring trim) does not disappoint. What do you want to know about it?


As mentioned above, my loaner—in this very pretty, pearlescent-gray color—has the Sport Touring trim. That means it’s the top-of-the-line Civic hatch model with a host of driver assistance systems, premium audio and 18-inch alloy wheels. It also has a 1.5-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder, good for 180 horsepower. Unfortunately, it also has the CVT transmission, not the manual.

MSRP on this comes to $28,850 ($29,780 when you include destination and handling), and for a five-seater with a decently sized trunk, this isn’t bad. I’m having a nice time with the Honda so far. I find the interior functional, it feels light on its feet and peppy when I need it to be. Overall, it’s very pleasant. No wonder why I see so many of them on the roads.


I would have absolutely opted for the manual, obviously. It doesn’t matter which way you poke it because a CVT will always feel like stirring a bucket of molasses with a Wiffle bat. Gummy and rubber-bandy. I’m sure it helps with the Civic’s mileage (it has an EPA-rated 29 mpg in the city, 35 on the highway and 32 combined), but it is such a drag. I think it’s my least-favorite part of the car so far.

Anyway, ask me about it!

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