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I can think of no better way of celebrating Fourth of July weekend than behind the wheel of a big, ol’ American car. Behold, the behemoth 2019 Lincoln Navigator. What do you want to know about it?

Folks (and you’re going to hear this a lot from me about this car): The thing is big. Massive. Colossal. Enormous. Vast. Immense. Gigantic. You’d exhaust the thesaurus by finding more words to describe how huge it is. Driving it on the highway, I’d pass other drivers who’d glance over idly and then found themselves looking up at the passing whale in the left lane. People get out of the way fast when you come up behind them in one of these.


And it can haul serious ass. Powered by a twin-turbocharged, 3.5-liter V6, the Navigator makes 450 horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque to the four wheels, according to a company spec sheet. All that’s mated to a 10-speed automatic.

Photo: Lincoln

The car Lincoln loaned me is painted in a very pretty shade of Chroma Crystal Blue and the inside is dressed up in the “Yacht Club” theme. I am assuming that means the cool blue leather interior with white accents. A blue car, within and without. I can roll with it.

This is also the Black Label version, which means that it comes standard with a whole suite of luxury options and staggering, 22-inch, 21-spoke wheels.


Base price on the Navigator Black Label is $96,395, but mine has options like the special paint ($1,750). After destination and delivery is said and done, the final price comes to... $100,110.

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