We finally have our hands on a 603 horsepower $130,300 2018 Mercedes AMG E63 S station wagon and are here to share as much of it as possible with all of you. Few cars embody the spirit of Jalopnik as much as a fast, fierce and also utility-friendly station wagon. And while we wish it had three pedals, come on. 603 HP wagon.


Our test car has about $3,000 worth of carbon fiber on it, among other options, and so far all we can really tell you is that it’s loud and when you floor it from a stop light the car pretty much seems to alter the speed of time and space. Kristen Lee has also described the back seat as “nap friendly.”

Expect some finer photos, a more complete shakedown and maybe some takes on what it’s like to live with this thing soon. Meanwhile, now’s a great time to ask questions and hopefully we can satisfy your curiosity in the review.

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