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Raph and I have come to Detroit, America’s Finest City™, and for Detroit, we needed a fine car. So we get a 2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R. It’s loud as hell, and comfier than you’d expect. Ask us anything you want about it.

305-section FRONT tires. Insanity.

I will admit, procuring a GT350R on this day, specifically, in Detroit, was a mistake. As you can see, the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s (not a very tread-y tire to begin with) are damn near slicks, the sign of a press car with a life well-lived:

The 315-section rears. Many an autojournalist has burnedout in these.

And as you can see by checking any weather report, it’s been raining all day. So you can imagine piloting a 526-horsepower flat-plane-crank-V8 missile down a pot-holed Detroit highway is a bit of a dicey proposition.


But this is Jalopnik, and we will persevere as all fuck.

What We Like About It:

- Shelby

- GT350

- R

- Also, the noise is piercing and sharp and is really good at making an unsuspecting Raph’s ears bleed as he walks around to get something from the trunk


What We Don’t Like As Much:

- It felt like a really bad lane-keep assist system was constantly tugging at the front wheel, until we realized that no, maybe these tires aren’t really good in the rain


- The navigation voice sounds like a robot

- So far, that’s it.


Ask us anything you want about the Shelby GT350R in the comments below!

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