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We now live in a horrible, terrible world, full of nightmares and beasts. Toyota no longer makes the Celica; the Ford Explorer is a crossover. But in this awful dystopia, one vehicle stands stout against the tide of progress(?), the Lincoln Navigator.

Yes, the Lincoln Navigator. I realized I was being a bit harsh with Lincoln, and yet I didn’t truly know its products as well as I should. That was wrong of me. So I’ve got this one for a week.


What I Like So Far:

  • It’s quiet
  • The Ecoboost engine is remarkably smooth
  • It is just the loveliest shade of brown

What I Don’t Like As Much So Far:

  • I know it’s a Lincoln Navigator, but it’s so enormous I feel like Biglarge McHugebig just driving down any city street
  • It dives and sloshes a bit, as is traditional
  • The Navi does feel, well, a bit dated in a few ways, but that’s probably a bit unfair as rumor has it that Lincoln’s going to unveil a new one next year

So what do you want to know about it? I’ve had it for less than a day so far, but I’ll be around for a bit to answer all of your burning questions.

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