What Do You Want Me To Ask Sebastian Vettel?

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I'm on a press junket par excellence with Infiniti/Red Bull that gets me seat time in the new Infiniti Q50 with Four-Time F1 World Champ and Chief Scientist Sebastian Vettel. What should I ask him?


Ah yes, the disclosure for this trip will be quite full and ridiculous. No one parties more thoroughly than Infiniti, historically speaking, and after thrashing G37 Q50s around Nashville's Super Speedway with Vettel tomorrow, a few of us will be transferred to Austin for more drinking and eating and watching the young driver be better than us (and everyone else) at what he does.


There, but for the grace of the Infiniti media budget, go I.

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Victorious Secret

Ask him if he knows why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.