(Image Credit: Dodge)
(Image Credit: Dodge)

The Dodge Challenger Demon basked in wall-to-wall coverage over what seemed like a 10-year tease-out as the crazies behind the Challenger Hellcat promised us, well, the same car. But more. Now we know the Demon is a 840-horsepower street-legal drag strip weapon, and more importantly, I finally get to drive it this week.


I’m currently en route to Indianapolis where myself and a mob of other test pilots will meet SRT engineers, marketers and executives while shaking down the most extreme variant of the Challenger on a drag strip, and the 475-horsepower Durango SRT SUV around a track.

That means this is your chance to shoot in questions, so I can steal the good ones and pass them off as my own. Just kidding, but I will try and get all the Demon questions burning deep inside all of you answered in the comments here and complete writeups, which will start coming out on July 20.

So you know the drill: speak your piece, tell me what you want to know, and check the full-spec rundown if you’re one of the three people who doesn’t know what car I’m talking about yet.

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