What Do You Drive on Your Last Drive?

Lots and lots of you fine, upstanding readers have heeded the call and mailed in good QOTD fodder. And we'll get to those next week. But, for today, the last remaining day of Al Navarro week, well, you know where this is going. Luckily, Al doesn't disappoint. Have a read:

It's 2024, and America has done and gone fascist on us. You're on death row for reckless hoonage and instead of giving you a last meal, you get a last drive. Name the car and the road.


See? That Navarro kid is pretty sharp. But, this is all too easy. For our last drive we'd get a big, black mid-80s topless Dodge Power Ram. The road? The island of Manhattan will do nicely. What are they going to do, kill us? You?

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