What Did You Think Of The First Truck Yeah Video Season?

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Over the last four months we filmed hundreds of hours of adventures in trucks and trimmed it all down to ten tightly-packaged episodes for your viewing pleasure. Now we wanna know what you liked, what could be better, and what you’d like to see more of next time!


We tried to do a decent mix of action, explanations, vehicle features, and our talented edited team did a great job removing all the scenes of me picking my nose.

If view count is any way to gauge public opinion, it looks like your favorite Truck Yeah! video was the time Doug DeMuro and I stomped Philadelphia’s lovely cobblestone streets in his Hummer. Y’all either can’t get enough of that lanky DeMuro goofball or you just love laughing at our pain. Maybe both?

So far the least-watched video is our ride in this lifted Toyota Tundra, turned into a rolling Tonka toy and billboard. Of course then again it hasn’t been uploaded for very long either. It’s good, I promise!

Anyway my personal favorite was the day Tavarish came over to my house and tried to help me start my beloved 1964 Lawn Ornament. I mean International Scout. We hope you learned a few things about how to start messing with a project car, or at least how to use a fire extinguisher.

We worked with a lot of different camera people, editors, producers, and subjects to make these little movies happen. Some went better than others, but we’ve already learned a lot along the way. I must have some redeeming qualities because Bloomberg let me go on their TV show after having seen these videos. And theirs is, like, an actual TV show.


So let’s hear it, folks! Tell us what you thought about Truck Yeah! Season One. But I mean, only if you have nice things to say. Please, I’m very sensitive. Just kidding. But seriously.


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