What Did You Drive on Your First Date?

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All the dating gurus advise against pulling up to her house and honking. That's just rude. But how rude is making her ride in a 1973 Buick with three on the tree? What did you drive on your first date?

Admit it, your first date was a festival of stress. You worried about your spitty stammer (also known as your "sprinkler system"), your never-ending cowlick, that nuclear-age forehead zit. Of course, you may or may not have worried about how she'd (or he'd) accept your wheels. You may have had an IROC Camaro or birthday Bimmer. But some of us had stripper sedans we'd bought from really old, extremely frugal men. Some of us had to keep small sledgehammers under the seat so we could crawl underneath and pound on the linkage when the three-on-the-tree jammed in third. Some girls think that's funny. Others, not so much. What about you?

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'92 Audi S4. Car had a stick and was great fun to drive. Her parents liked it because the stick made in-car exploits much more difficult.

So parents, make sure your daughter is dating a man with a stick.

Wait, that came out wrong..