What Desirable Car Has Almost Totally Disappeared?

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Appreciation of classic cars is an essential part of the auto-entusiast mentality. Unfortunately, some would-be, should-be classics are rapidly becoming impossible to find. This is a tragedy that requires greater awareness: What really great cars are in danger of totally disappearing?

In its early-Nineties heyday, the Mazda MX-3 GS was at the forefront of the hot-hatch war, with friendly-alien looks and nimble moves and a glorious little V6 in place of the segment-standard inline-4. Today...well, a quick nationwide Cars.com search shows exactly eight MX-3s available, only two of which have the V6. This is a shame. We're not sure what happened here; they haven't been eaten up by the tuner/molester crowd, they had no major mechanical problems, but they're getting to be painfully rare. Nineties nostalgia is right around the corner; time to find them and let them see the sun again.

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The Alfa Romeo 164. I'm lucky enough to know someone who owns a 1994 and has let me drive it on several occasions. It handles surprisingly well despite being a large-ish FWD sedan, and I find it more comfortable and unquestionably more attractive than the BWMs and Benzes of the era. I found maybe 15 online, and most of those are '91-'93 models, which have the less-desirable 12v version of the 3.0 V6.