Today there are only three major American automakers, or 2.5 as we like to say around here because Fiat owns Chrysler now. But did you know that at one time, there were more than three million different American auto brands?

Okay, maybe not that many. But the American car market used to be much larger than it is currently, and scores of old brands fell victim to consolidation, reorganization or simply dying out. I think some of them would do pretty well if we brought them back.

That's our question of the day: What dead American brand would be a huge hit today?

I'll never pass up an opportunity to say how cool AMC was. American Motors, and the brands that combined to form it, was way ahead of their time on stylish compact cars. Back when everyone else was making land yachts, they saw value in going smaller. In this age of high gas prices, truly great American small cars could be poised to do well.


Your turn, what dead American brand could make it big today?