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What Cheap Car Comes In The Best Color?

Picking a nice color is an easy way to spruce up a cheap car, but which budget brands offer the best options?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A photo of a Liquid Yellow Renault Clio
This color would look great on anything.
Photo: Renault

Porsche offers some beautiful colors for its high-performance cars. In my mind, a Cayman in Miami Blue is one of the best cars you can buy from the German automaker. But what if your budget is a bit more humble? What cheap cars can be bought in equally eye-catching colors?

It isn’t just exotic supercars that can be had in some stunning colors. These days, a lot of modest car makers are offering eye-catching palettes to entice you into their showrooms. So today, we want to find out what cheap car comes with the best color options?


Fighting in America’s corner are cars like the Chevy Spark, which throws pastels into the mix as well as some rather pleasing blue and greens. Or maybe you prefer a car from overseas and instead opt for Hot Lava from Toyota or one of the countless colors you can choose for your Mini.

But there is a correct answer here, and it’s a color so excellent that it wasn’t permitted onto the shores of American for fear of blowing people’s minds. Well, that or the fact that Renault stopped selling cars in the U.S. in 1992, but I’ll let you decide.


That color is Liquid Yellow and the car in question is the mighty Renault Clio. Over the years, this micro-sized city car has been sold in some great shades. But all pale in comparison to liquid yellow.

This vibrant, almost golden, yellow looks like you could sink into it. The paint appears so unctuous that you almost feel like it could drip off the edges of the car. Light bounces off it in a way you might expect from a Lamborghini. And, the way it counteracts the matte grey detailing of the Renault Clio is glorious.

But while the Liquid Yellow Clio is my suggestion, we want to hear yours as well.

Take to the comments section and let us know your pick for the cheap car that comes in the best color. We’ll round up some of the best answers in a slideshow tomorrow afternoon.